Earrings & ring Set BNJ0009

Earrings & ring Set BNJ0009

Sultanate Stone Set BNJ0011

Sultanate Stone Set BNJ0011

Earrings & Ring Set BNJ0010


Made in Silver 925

24K Gold Polish

Precious Gift Box Packaging

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Earrings & Ring Set BNJ0010

Base metal   

Silver 925


Rose Gold 


Glass Aquamarine Stone


Swarovaski Diamonds


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Lifetime guarantee on product and one year warranty on polish/plating


Precious Gift Box Packing

Package includes

1 set of Earrings with 1 Ring packed in precious gift box, certificate of authenticity, Warranty card, GST Invoice.

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How can you find your ring size?

There are three methods from which you can find your ring sizes?


The inner portion of your ring is its diameter and you need to measure this diameter in millimeter (MM) by normal stationery scale from centimeter side.
You can use your old ring to find out its diameter by a normal stationery scale as below picture. You just put a normal scale on your ring to measure its diameter. Measure it from centimeter (CMS) side and convert in millimeter (MM) as shown in below picture:
As shown in picture-1 the diameter in millimeter (MM) is 17 and in picture-2 diameter in millimeter is 18 so you can check your old ring diameter in MM. This diameter is not your ring size. You have to convert this diameter from below chart to your ring size:

Ring size conversion chart from diameter

Diameter in MMYour Ring Size (Select to place the order)
13.00 1
13.40 2
13.70 3
14.00 4
14.30 5
14.60 6
15.00 7
15.30 8
15.60 9
15.90 10
16.20 11
16.50 12
16.80 13
17.20 14
17.50 15
17.80 16
18.10 17
18.40 18
18.80 19
19.10 20
19.40 21
19.70 22
20.00 23
20.30 24
20.50 25
21.00 26
21.30 27
21.60 28
Your ring size will be in between 1-28. You can find as per above chart and you can place your order for that size.


This method is used where you don't have your old ring with you or rings available are not fit to your finger. In this method you need to measure your finger circumference in millimeter as per below steps:
Step-A: Take a piece of hard paper and cut it in ½ inches in width and 5 ½ inches in length as below picture:
Step-B: Wrap this piece of paper to your finger middle portion in which you want to wear the ring like below picture:
Step-C: Take a mark where the paper completes the circumference of your finger like below picture:
Make sure the paper must be tight on your finger and completes circumference gently.
Step-D: Measure this marked paper in millimeter from a normal stationery scale as below picture:

This size is the circumference of your finger from which you can convert this circumference to ring size with the help of below chart:

Diameter in MMYour Ring Size (Select to place the order)
41 1
42 2
43 3
44 4
45 5
46 6
47 7
48 8
49 9
50 10
51 11
52 12
53 13
54 14
55 15
56 16
57 17
58 18
59 19
60 20
61 21
62 22
63 23
64 24
65 25
66 26
67 27
68 28
Your ring size will be in between 1-28. You can find as per above chart and you can place your order for that size.



In this method you can ask your nearest jeweler to measure your ring size in Indian size format and do place the order in that sizes


You have the option to buy ring size kit from us on payment of Rs.300/- from which you can easily find out your ring sizes to place the order. This kit will reach at you within 3-5 days by courier. Ring measurement kit BUY NOW

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